Spanish Desk

For all aspects of Spanish law, Buckles’ specialist team can help.

If you own a business and require advice on commercial law in either jurisdiction, we are well placed to provide assistance via our European network.

Equally, whether you are a UK-based individual seeking to buy or sell property in Spain, or vice versa, we can assist you throughout the process. Our expertise also includes dealing with cross-border estates and inheritance issues.

Commercial services

If you are looking to develop existing commercial interests in Spain or considering purchasing commercial property in the jurisdiction, we can provide an insight into the process involved and the tax system.

We also offer advice on cross-border enforcement proceedings related to Spanish court orders and judgements.

Private client services

As independent professionals regulated by the Law Society of England and Wales, we will always act in your best interests.

Our bilingual team can assist you with any property transactions in Spain and the relevant tax implications, including stamp duty, capital gains tax, VAT, inheritance tax, wealth tax and local property taxes. We can also help with transferring the ownership of a property following a divorce.

In relation to estate planning and administration, we take into account your assets in Spain and the UK to identify the best approach that works for you and your family. We recommend that you hold separate Spanish and UK Wills to cover the relevant assets you hold in the respective jurisdictions. We regularly deal with cross-border succession matters, liaising with the Spanish Public Notary, land Registry and banks on your behalf. If you require help with granting Spanish Powers of Attorney in the UK, our team is ready to advise you.

We can also provide guidance in terms of choice of law and assist with Spanish litigation.