Whether you are an individual with property interests in France, Spain, Italy or Germany or a business owner seeking to establish a foothold in those markets, our International team can help you deal with any legal issues as they arise and plan ahead.

The advantage of instructing a lawyer who has expertise in both UK law and French, Spanish, Italian or German law cannot be under-estimated. Our team comprises bilingual and dual-qualified French, Spanish and Italian qualified lawyers based in our UK offices who can advise you on how the laws relate to each other and the implications for Inheritance Tax Planning and other estate administration issues.

If you own property and other assets in France, Spain, Italy or Germany, there are several issues to consider around protecting your investments. We can help identify the options available that relate to estate planning. Alternatively, if you are considering buying or selling property in those jurisdictions, we can guide you through the process and help you avoid any potential pitfalls.

Our resident commercial law consultants in the Paris and Milan offices are either English lawyers or locally qualified lawyers and experts in their own jurisdictions. Through them we have access to the wide legal resources of our associated firm, CastaldiPartners. We also have a well-established relationship with Graf and Partners LLP, based in Munich and Regensburg.

We can also provide invaluable advice on preparing for Brexit. Whether you need to gain an understanding of how it will affect your recruitment policy or ability to trade across borders, or you’re concerned about the impact on assets situated within the EU, we can help. For more information visit our dedicated Brexit page.

All our international lawyers, whether based in our UK offices or overseas, are fluent in English.

Please contact one of our specialists to discuss your unique needs and we will direct you to the most appropriate person.