French law for businesses

In conjunction with our commercial services teams in the UK and our consultants based at CastaldiPartners in Paris, we provide advice and guidance on a range of legal issues affecting business clients with interests located in France or the UK.

Whether you are an existing company wishing to expand through international acquisition or a business start-up exploring opportunities in new markets, we can guide you through the legal requirements in the relevant jurisdictions.

If you are a business owner seeking to establish a foothold in the UK or French market, our team can help you deal with any legal issues as they arise and plan ahead.

The advantage of instructing a lawyer who has expertise in both UK law and French law cannot be under-estimated. Our team comprises bilingual and dual-qualified lawyers based in our UK offices who can advise you on how the laws relate to each other and their implications.

Our resident commercial law consultants in our Paris office are either English lawyers or locally qualified lawyers and experts in their own jurisdictions. Through them we have access the wide legal resources of our associated firm, CastaldiPartners, with lawyers also based in Paris.

Commercial services for international clients

Acting regularly for UK based businesses in France, Spain, Italy and Germany, as well as for European and worldwide businesses and families dealing with unfamiliar situations in the UK, we have a comprehensive understanding of international legal issues.

Our dual qualified French, Spanish and Italian lawyers in the UK and award-winning European lawyers based in our associated offices in Paris, Milan, Munich and Regensburg are ready to help with a wide range of legal issues. Our international team are bilingual and often trilingual, and so we can talk to you in your own language.

Through a strategic partnership going back over 20 years, Buckles CastaldiPartners delivers seamless legal services direct to you from across five countries and, in collaboration with our wider network of trusted lawyers, notaries, accountants, tax advisers and property professionals, we can assist throughout the rest of Europe and beyond.

The rise of the global economy and international trade is changing the face of business. Increasingly, firms across various sectors are looking to explore new markets beyond the country in which they have been established. Whether you are an overseas business with ambitions to expand into the UK, or a UK business wishing to expand into France, Italy, Spain or Germany, we are able to help by assembling a professional team of lawyers, accountants, bankers, tax and immigration professionals to deliver your project.

If you are an international company looking to establish or expand your business in the UK through a subsidiary or acquisition, then it’s important to be fully aware of the legal requirements involved, commercial expectations and the practical implications involved. Alternatively, you may be considering doing business with a UK-based company, and need guidance with UK legal or regulatory issues, or contract negotiations with your UK agent or distributor. The same issues affect UK business seeking to establish a trading presence overseas. In these situations, we can deliver solutions.

You may be an established and experienced business trading internationally for many years, in need of specialist advice for the first time. You may be involved in an international dispute. You may have one-off employment issues or need to acquire or dispose of property. We can help.

Our experienced specialist commercial and international teams can provide all the advice and practical solutions you will need to succeed in your venture. We have particular experience in international retail, construction and manufacturing.

We can also provide invaluable advice on preparing for Brexit. Whether you need to gain an understanding of how it will affect your recruitment policy or ability to trade across borders, or you’re concerned about the impact on assets situated within the EU, we can help. To sign up to follow our regular Brexit updates, please click through to our dedicated LinkedIn showcase page from the icon on the left or here.

  • Commercial law – Our experienced team advises on commercial agreements, trading arrangements, shareholder agreements, franchising, distributorship and agency contracts. We continually act for European companies across a range of sectors in establishing a business in the UK, either through acquisition of an existing company or as a new start-up.
  • Corporate law – We can advise on the appropriate corporate structure, company formations, restructuring, and cross border restructuring, as well as assisting with the acquisition or disposal of businesses simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions, with an almost unique capability as a result of our ability to assemble a multi-lingual team of dual qualified lawyers acting on your behalf across multiple countries, with a single point of control.
  • Employment – Although the UK currently operates under the umbrella of EU labour regulations, there are a number of significant differences between employment laws in the UK and those implemented across Europe. Our Employment team is ready to explain these differences and help ensure that your business complies with its legal obligations. We offer a single point of advice for employee issues across multiple countries, harmonising contractual arrangements for mobile workers and dealing with employee terminations and disputes involving employees and confidential information. If you are setting up a subsidiary in the UK, we can assist in drafting the necessary contractual documents and staff handbook that are legally required. Equally, if you are reorganising or restructuring an existing subsidiary, we can help with issues such as redundancy procedure and consultation obligations. BUCKLESprotect is a tailored package designed for businesses to provide you with peace of mind and all the employment law support you need for UK operations.
  • Dispute Resolution and litigation – We can represent your interests in dispute situations, including domestic and international arbitration, mediation, adjudication and other formal and informal processes, with the ability to host and undertake mediations in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian at our London, Paris or Milan offices.
  • Real estate – We offer advice on acquiring, disposing or financing property assets including planning regulations.
  • Intellectual property – Our specialists can assist with UK and European issues relating to domestic and international IPR as well as licencing and infringement.
  • Immigration – We offer advice and assistance for professionals seeking to relocate, and employee migration issues.