Italian Desk

For all aspects of Italian law, Buckles specialist team can help.

If you own a business and require advice on corporate and commercial law in either jurisdiction, we are well placed to provide assistance via our European network.

Equally, whether you are a UK-based individual seeking to buy or sell property in Italy, or vice versa, we can assist you throughout the process. Our expertise also includes dealing with cross-border estates and inheritance issues.

Commercial services

Through our established strategic alliance with CastaldiPartners, we are able to draw upon the expertise of a team of more than 60 international lawyers who can assist businesses across several areas of corporate and commercial law.

With consultants based in our joint Milan office, our combined team includes many multi-lingual lawyers qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions who provide seamless pan-European legal solutions to a wide range of clients.

Established 1996, CastaldiPartners cover competition, corporate and commercial, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, employment, restructuring and insolvency law.

The firm provides legal services for several commercial sectors, including automotive, construction, energy, fashion, food, hospitality and telecoms.

Private Client services

We provide expert bilingual advice in all aspects of Italian property law for individuals in relation to all aspects of buying, owning and selling a property in Italy, whether you are a non-Italian speaking client or familiar with Italy and its legal system.

We also advise on Wills, succession matters and estate administration and litigation matters, working closely with our associated firm Castaldi Partners in our Milan office, as well as other local avvocati as necessary.

Our specialist Italian team can provide you with advice in the following areas:

  • Buying and selling a property in Italy – As independent professionals regulated by the Law Society in England and Wales and with expertise in Italian law, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will always act in your best interests.
  • Powers of Attorney – We can assist you during the process of drafting a Power of Attorney in the UK to be used in Italy, to enable someone to sell or purchase a property in Italy on your behalf.
  • Transferring ownership of an Italian property following a divorce or separation – We work with local Notaries to ensure that the transfer of ownership as a result of a settlement agreement or a court order in the UK is dealt with as quickly as possible.
  • Administration of an estate in Italy when someone dies – We have extensive experience in this area of Italian law, arranging for a succession to be completed, liaising with banks and a Notary on your behalf to ensure the efficient administration of an estate and any transfers to beneficiaries.
  • Estate planning for property and assets in Italy – We can help ensure that you own your Italian property in the most appropriate way for you and your family, taking into account Italian inheritance law and tax.
  • Italian Wills – We can draft a Will which covers your Italian assets, providing peace of mind that your chosen beneficiaries will inherit your property. We will take into account Italian “forced heirship” rules and any administration hurdles, so that your beneficiaries and/or executors can administer the estate as smoothly as possible, protected from any dispute.
  • Reinstatement as a beneficiary – If you think you have been wrongly written out of a Will in Italy, or have been left with less than what is rightfully yours by Italian law, we can assist with reinstatement as an heir and recovery of what is due to you.
  • Disputes and litigation in Italy – Working together with you and an Italian Avvocato, sourced via our network of contacts, we can provide representation to achieve a smooth and efficient resolution of the matter.
  • Italian Citizenship Applications – We can assess whether you are entitled to ask for Italian citizenship based on your circumstances and assist in collecting all documentation required. We can also make the application on your behalf.
  • Gifting Italian Assets – We can advise you on whether a gift of assets or money is advisable in view of the circumstances and the taxes due. We will also liaise with the local Notary to prepare a “Deed of Donation” to record this gift.