French Desk

For all aspects of French law, Buckles specialist team can help.

If you own a business and require advice on commercial law in either jurisdiction, we are well placed to provide assistance via our European network.

Equally, whether you are a UK-based individual seeking to buy or sell property in France, or vice versa, we can assist you throughout the process. Our expertise also includes dealing with cross-border estates and inheritance issues.

Commercial services

Through our established strategic alliance with CastaldiPartners, we are able to draw upon the expertise of a team of more than 60 international lawyers who can assist businesses across several areas of commercial law.

With consultants based in our joint Paris office, our combined team includes many multi-lingual lawyers qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions who provide seamless pan-European legal solutions to a wide range of clients.

Established 1996, CastaldiPartners cover competition, corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, employment, restructuring and insolvency law.

The firm provides legal services for several commercial sectors, including automotive, construction, energy, fashion, food, hospitality and telecoms.

 Private client services

There are key differences in the law relating to property and inheritance in France compared with those in the UK so having access to a single source of legal advice who can deal expertly with cross-border estates is invaluable.

Our bilingual lawyers can provide a comprehensive service to assist you in making a smooth property transaction or to deal with all aspects of your cross-border estate.

We will take into account your assets in France and the UK to identify the best approach that works for you and your family.

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a property in France, we can provide the independent advice which is essential to avoid any potential pitfalls and continue to work on your behalf throughout the entire process. This can also include advising in relation to French property taxes and French inheritance tax.

As regards estate planning and administration, we can advise on a range of issues, including the winding up of an estate, making a lifetime gift of French assets and making probate applications which contain a French element. We can help with the drafting of French and UK Wills, ensuring that they dovetail and take into account legal restrictions such as forced heirship. We can also provide guidance in terms of choice of law.

We can assist with French litigation matters too and deal with the transfer of ownership following a separation or divorce.