Dispute Resolution

Disputes or differences can arise over myriad of construction issues, such as payment, defective design, materials or workmanship, delay and disruption, variations, and contract interpretation.

Our principle aim is to help reduce or avoid the risk of disputes as far as possible. However, some disputes are unavoidable and, if you become involved in dispute within the construction sector, we manage them carefully. We will prepare a Case Report setting out our advice on the available options and taking into account the value of the dispute and its complexity. We provide strategic focus and a recommended course of action which considers any commercial factors that may influence your aims and objectives.

Our costs estimating spreadsheet provides an accurate estimate for each stage of the dispute process, based on our key assumptions, which allows forward budget planning and tactical decision making.

We recognise that your primary objective is to complete the project on time and on budget.

That is why our lawyers ensure that they choose the most appropriate dispute resolution procedure in each situation, particularly where commercial relationships must be maintained. These procedures include: