Court proceedings in the TCC

The Technology and Construction Court (TCC) is a specialist court which hears a range of cases involving technically complex issues, predominantly from the construction and engineering sectors.

The TCC’s work is divided into 3 areas:

  • Adjudication business (enforcement proceedings and “Part 8” declaration proceedings);
  • Public procurement disputes; and
  • General TCC business (e.g. construction and engineering disputes, negligence claims against professional construction consultants, IT contract disputes, landlord and tenant dilapidation claims, insurance claims relation to construction projects, and challenges to arbitration decisions)

With the exception of adjudication enforcement proceedings, the TCC usually deals with high value cases, exceeding £250,000.

Subject to a number of limited exceptions, parties should always comply with the Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes prior to commencing a claim in the TCC.

It’s important to ensure your representative at the TCC is suitably experienced as TCC claims are governed by Part 60 of the Civil Procedure Rules and the TCC Guide. James Coppinger, Head of Construction at Buckles has been involved in numerous TCC claims.