Collaborative law

Our Family team consists of collaboratively trained lawyers who can advise and support you with issues regarding separation and divorce.

Collaborative processes are those that seek to resolve any issues between you and your partner without the need to resort to court action. With the guidance of your respective lawyers, the emphasis is placed on finding solutions that work for everyone involved, based on agreement. Successful collaboration often means that the resulting arrangements stand the test of time.

There is no specified time limit involved. The process allows you to set the agenda and provides flexibility to suit your situation and priorities. Collaborative agreements are put in writing and signed by all parties concerned and can be ratified by the Court.

This is a powerful form of dispute resolution where lawyers work closely with you and your partner. The process begins with you and your partner signing a Participation Agreement which confirms that you will find solutions without resorting to litigation through the Court. The lawyers representing each party respect the needs of both individuals with reciprocal consideration given to the priorities of all.

This is challenging, as it encourages both parties to see the matter from the other’s perspective. To help at points during the process when matters being discussed become emotive, you may choose to draft an Anchor Statement which reminds all those involved why this process was chosen.