NHS Continuing Care Funding

If your care needs primarily require nursing, then it is possible for all care and accommodation costs to be paid by the NHS. This is known as ‘NHS Continuing Care Funding’. It is a complex area and so we can give advice and assistance on arranging for the appropriate assessment to be carried out, and challenging assessments which incorrectly refuse the funding.

For most people, however, care in a home will not be free and so in those circumstances the following limited financial assistance is available:

  • NHS-funded nursing care (previously called ‘RNCC’, the Registered Nursing Care Contribution): this is a flat rate contribution to nursing costs of about £150 or £210 (standard and higher rates) per week. Confusingly, this payment has nothing to do with NHS Continuing Care Funding mentioned above. The contribution does not meet the full cost of the care, but simply pays a fixed weekly amount towards the costs of assessed nursing care needs
  • Attendance Allowance: this is a tax-free benefit if you aged 65 or over, and need help with personal care because you are physically or mentally disabled. If you are under the age of 65, the Personal Independence Payment may be available instead

For Continuing Health Care matters we often work closely with Independent Social Workers who offer a unique social care perspective. Combined with our legal expertise, this gives clients the best possible service and chances of success.