Forfeiture actions and applications for relief

When a tenant fails to pay rent continually, it can be increasingly frustrating for the landlord and it may opt to forfeit the lease. Our property disputes team can provide advice on what you need to check before doing this, how to do it (and how not to waive the right to do it), what to do after you have re-entered the property and the legal repercussions. If the tenant doesn’t apply for relief from forfeiture, we can advise on what you can do to recover the monies owed to you.

Conversely, when a tenant’s lease is brought to an abrupt end due to change of locks, immediate panic can set in. We can help liaise with the landlords and bailiffs and make applications to Court for relief from forfeiture where needed. We can provide a sense of calm in a situation which is understandably stressful.

We can also help deal with other grounds of forfeiture as provided for in leases and advise accordingly. We have experience of all types whether peaceable re-entry or via the Courts.

If you are a landlord and find yourself in a situation where your tenant has failed to pay rent repeatedly, we can help. Please can us on 01733 888888 or email