Dilapidation claims

A landlord is entitled to have its property kept in the state of repair as dictated by the covenants of the lease. Disputes often arise when a tenant fails to adhere to these covenants during the lease term or on expiry of the term.

Acting for both landlords and tenants, we can advise landlords as to what exactly can be required of a tenant and also advise tenants if a landlord is requesting that more be done than is necessary. We act commercially and pragmatically and are aware that dilapidation claims can vary significantly as time passes and other factors can come into play.

We have longstanding and established relationships with surveyors when it comes to assessing the value of dilapidation claims and obtaining Section 18 (1) valuations, and our records show that the majority of our dilapidation claims are settled out of Court but we can deal with bringing or defending claims within Court as the case may be.

If you are a landlord or a tenant and would like to discuss dilapidation claims further, please call us on 01733 888888 or email enquiries@buckles-law.co.uk.