Wills for families with disabled or vulnerable children

Making a Will may not be the most exciting of things to think about but it that doesn’t make it any less important.

Most people have it somewhere near the bottom of their “to do” list but, in reality, it should be a priority for us all. This is particularly so if you have a child with a disability because it can prevent your hard-earned money being quickly eroded by the local authority and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that both your child and your money are protected.

Leaving your child out of your Will creates the risk the local authority making a claim against your estate to be awarded your child’s “share”. Equally, if you leave their share to another relative to “look after” and they later get divorced, that money will be treated as theirs. Instead, by ensuring that your Will has the right structure, we can help you have the best of both worlds by protecting the money in your estate and making sure it is always there to benefit your child.

A Will can do so much more than it says on the tin, but not all Wills are created equal. Make sure yours does what you need it to.

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