The biggest business decision

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With more than 14 million family businesses in the UK, ranging from microbusinesses with just one or two owners to nationally recognised organisations, this sector represents a significant portion of the economy.

Ever since COVID-19 arrived on our shores in March 2020, many of these businesses have faced significant and multiple challenges. However, this period has also afforded business owners the opportunity to re-evaluate how they function and consider alternative ways of running the business

Among the myriad of questions to mull over is how to tackle the much-talked about issue of work-life balance. The pros and cons of working from home must be weighed alongside the emotional and mental pressures that business owners have to consider, particularly when their employees will each have their own requirements and needs.

That is why when dealing with any business, but particularly family businesses, our team is more than a little curious to learn as much detail as possible about your business – and not just about the bottom line and the finances involved. At Buckles, our lawyers need to “feel your business” the way you do, as well as to observe it. Through that interest and focus, we can understand your business in a way that will enable us to give you the best advice.

Yes, we will fulfil our role – checking contracts, ensuring title to property is good, advising you on employment law and the relevant company law. But where we can add real value is being available as a sounding board to challenge you or make you think about questions that you might not have considered.

You get the legal advice – that’s a given. You also get years of experience and the ability to work closely with other professionals who are key to your business.

Buying or selling a business is, for most families, a one-off event. Our brochure explains, step-by-step, how we work and provides detail of how our various specialist departments can offer the support that you need to have the best possible chance of making the right decisions.

At the end of the day, it’s your business and you will make the final decision. Buckles can help you, whether you want to investigate the possibilities of acquiring a new business (the Due Diligence process) or you are a business owner wishing to retire or exit, with our insight into the issues at play and the best way to achieve your ultimate objective. We can also support you in the tricky process of passing the business on to a younger generation. For each of these major, often life changing, decisions, Buckles can be there with you throughout the journey.

At the end of the day, it’s a people driven process and our commitment to offering personal and personalised contact and advice will help ensure the decision that you make wins through.