Further delays to probate applications

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The roll-out of new software across UK probate registries continues to be beset by difficulty and delay. In some cases, solicitors have experienced a hold up of 13 weeks from the point of making a probate application on behalf of clients before the matter has been dealt with.

There is concern that the backlog may increase as members of the public attempt to submit applications before the planned hike in probate registry fees comes into force.

Meanwhile, calls have been made for care to be taken when completing applications those containing errors will join the back of the queue once rectified, leading to further delay. Personal representatives are also being urged to avoid contacting the probate registry for updates on the progress of submitted applications as this will add to the problem.

Prior to the introduction of the new IT system in March, grants of probate were generally processed within 10 working days. A technical glitch that occurred shortly after the launch and continued for four days has been identified as the main cause of the delays.