Before Exchange of Contracts

Once a sale has been reported to us, we will prepare all the paperwork to submit to the buyer’s lawyers.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire dealing with things such as disputes, boundaries, alterations to the property, utility suppliers and council tax.

It is vital that you provide us with all the information you have about the property at this stage (even if it’s information you would rather the buyer did not have) so that we can deal with any possible issues at an early stage.

Added to that, if there is relevant information in your possession which you do not disclose to your buyer you may be held liable in the event that the buyer later discovers a problem which has resulted from the failure to disclose.

We will also ask you to fill out a form showing fixtures and contents which are both included in the sale price and excluded from it.

Once you have completed all the paperwork, we will send it, together with the contract and copies of the title deeds to the buyer’s lawyers.

It is likely that once the buyer’s lawyers have looked through all the information they may have additional questions about the property which we will discuss with you before sending replies to the buyer’s lawyers.