Before Exchange of Contracts

We will examine the draft contract supplied by the seller’s lawyers together with the title deeds to the property and a set of forms which the seller is required to complete relating to basic information about the property and the contents which are either included or excluded from the sale.

Depending on what those documents reveal, it may be necessary for us to ask further questions of the seller’s lawyers so that we have a full picture of the property and any matters which might affect your ownership or future use of it.

We will carry out searches on your behalf at:

and in addition we will carry out a Chancel Repair Search. We will also check the terms of your mortgage offer.

Once we have satisfactory replies to all our enquiries and search results we will arrange to meet with you to go through all the documentation.

We believe that we should fit in around your lifestyle when it comes to meeting you and that you should not have to fit in around “normal office hours”. For that reason our Peterborough office is open until 20.00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays and from 09.30 to 15.30 on Saturdays.

Alternatively, if you would prefer, we can meet with you “online” in order to go through the documentation – so you can be at home, at the office, or even on holiday and it won’t hold your purchase up!

However we meet with you, it’s at this stage that we discuss with you matters such as possible completion dates and deposits.

We will also discuss the title to the property and any covenants, restrictions, or rights of way affecting it.

We will confirm everything we discuss at our meeting in a written report which we will either post or email to you, depending on how you would prefer to receive it.