Buying or selling your home, despite what many people would have you believe, is a very complex area of law.

Land Registry procedures have simplified the process to an extent but buying and selling houses and flats (or “conveyancing” to give it its proper title) is still an area of law which has the potential to cause a lot of stress and upset if not handled correctly. 

Statistics show that the legal process of buying and selling your home cause the most number of complaints about lawyers (whether they be solicitors or licenced conveyancers) so it’s vital that when considering dealing with your most valuable asset you have confidence in not only the skill of the lawyers you’re dealing with but also in their ability to communicate and understand your worries and concerns.

We are one of the few law firms locally which does not pay estate agents to introduce work to us – we think that being able to give you truly independent advice is paramount.

The following pages aim to give you an overview of the process of buying or selling your home – be it a house, flat or a shared ownership property – and to answer some of the more frequently asked questions we come across.

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