Personal InjuryTravel and holiday accident claims

Travel and holiday accident claims

If you have had an accident on holiday or abroad, you could claim compensation.

Our team of specialist personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling compensation claims for virtually every type of holiday accident claim, or a claim arising in a foreign jurisdiction. 

The majority of injuries will be on holiday. If you were on a package holiday or booked in England and Wales, then it will normally be this country where the claim can be brought, rather than having the difficulty of bringing the claim where the injury actually occurred.

Examples of holiday accident claims and claims arising in foreign jurisdiction successfully pursued include:

  • Injuries suffered as a result of defective flooring in a hotel
  • Injuries sustained on day excursions
  • Injuries arising from the participation in sporting activities
  • Injuries suffered on transport whilst on holiday
  • Claims arising from food poisoning and poor standards of hygiene

As more people travel abroad, inevitably the number suffering serious injury increases. Tour operators are under the duty to ensure that their customers' accomodation is safe and hygienic and that they are not exposed to the risk of injury, disease or infection. Regretfully, many do suffer injury while on holiday. 

Buckles Solicitors has successfully pursued claims in Europe and North America.

Out commitment as a holiday accident solicitor is as always to maximise compensation and expedite the process for holiday accident claims.

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