How we can help you make an asbestos compensation claim

Our specialist solicitors have helped many clients to successfully claim compensation for asbestos-related illnesses after they were exposed to the hazardous substance through their work, living close to asbestos factories or who came into contact with loved ones who worked with asbestos.

You have to bring an asbestos compensation claim within three years of first being told that you have the disease. You can also bring a claim if your injuries are relatively minor, as it is possible to reserve the opportunity to get more damages if you develop one of the more serious conditions in later years.

There are four main hurdles to clear in order to win compensation in a Mesothelioma claim:

  • A medical report by an expert in respiratory disease will be needed to prove that you are suffering from an asbestos-related disease
  • Establish that the disease was caused by exposure to asbestos from a particular source, namely your employer. This can be done by producing evidence to show that you suffered from asbestos exposure, and the years when it occurred
  • Many employers have known of the dangers of exposure to asbestos for more than 50 years. You will need to show that your employer could have foreseen that, at the time of the exposure, you could suffer an asbestos-related disease
  • Establishing that your exposure to asbestos was caused by your employer's negligence. Many employers did nothing to warn their employees or to protect them from the dangers

There will be NO CHARGE for meeting with us to discuss your claim. An expert asbestos claims solicitor will talk you through each requirement in more detail, and help you to understand the claims process. Where possible, we will obtain early interim payments to support you financially during the claim.

We will also assist you with the benefits available to you and involve our colleagues in other departments to help with Financial Planning, Personal Injury Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills.