Why Choose Us?

Our lawyers are acutely aware of the impact that the breakdown of a relationship can have on the children, and we tailor our actions to make sure the children's needs remain of paramount importance. Many of us are trained in Collaborative Law, a new initiative designed to resolve the issues which flow from relationship breakdowns. This is a process which encourages the parties to maintain control of their case, without resorting to Court proceedings.

Much of our work involves complex issues such as cases involving high value assets, trusts, inheritance and business interests. To this end the family department work closely with our top class corporate department and the tax, trust and wealth preservation team. We also have an in-house agricultural team providing a seamless service for our clients with an agricultural connection. We also deal with cases where there is a foreign element.

Whatever your situation we will do our best to help you, not just by dealing with the technical legal issues that arise, but also by listening to you and understanding your priorities. It is inevitably an emotional and difficult time. We hope that the information in this section will give you some reassurance and answer some of your questions. We cannot make a distressing situation go away, but our aim will be to look after your interests and give you peace of mind.