Care Home Fees

Those with assessable assets in excess of £23,250 will be fully responsible for their care home fees.

Government figures show that, on average, a 65-year old can expect to need 'care' costing £30,000 during retirement, although 5% will need care that costs more than £100,000. However, 'care' does not include accommodation costs, and so these figures can effectively be doubled.

We can help you:

  • Plan in advance to protect your assets from Care Home Fees, whether through the use of carefully drafted Wills, Trusts or Investments
  • Check financial assessments carried out by the Local Authority for those already in a care home
  • Claim NHS Continuing Care Funding - which pays the full cost of someone's care in a home, regardless of the extent of their assets, if that person has primarily nursing needs - and challenge decisions refusing such funding

For information on protecting your assets from Care Home Fees, please see our information sheets below.

You should also consider signing a Lasting Power of Attorney to cover the possibility of becoming incapable of making decisions for yourself during your lifetime.

To make a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, you can choose from the following:

Book an the office, at your home, or online

Request information on Wills or Powers of Attorney