Mediation is a fast way of resolving business or personal disputes, either before or after Court proceedings have been issued. It involves a neutral person working with the parties to find solutions without the expense, stress and risk of going to Court.

Mediation can assist regardless of the value of the dispute, the complexity of issues, or the number of parties involved. Nor is proposing mediation a sign of weakness - the Courts have now made it clear that if the parties and their advisers fail to consider mediation then they can be penalised in costs even if they later win their claim. Indeed, Courts are now referring cases direct to mediation and routinely suspending Court proceedings for up to three months at the initial case allocation stage to allow the parties time to mediate.

We can provide experienced Advocates to represent you at mediation; and we are able to provide mediators and a suite of mediation rooms on site if you wish to appoint one of our mediators.