EnergyEnergy & Natural Resources

Energy & Natural Resources

Security of energy supply and the reduction of green house gases by the production of renewable and “green” energy are key issues affecting businesses and consumers alike.

The energy sector is not only highly competitive but also heavily regulated making it both challenging and complex. Our energy team can advise on both the legal and commercial issues which arise on a wide range of energy related projects and deals. 

Full Sector Service

Whether you require advice on project financing, funding options, the drafting of production and supply contracts, or are involved in the installation or operation of green energy technologies, our energy team draws on property, planning, corporate, and construction expertise to deliver a full service offering.


A specialist in the energy sector since 1990, Steven Sprague’s experience ranges through all aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution and supply and covers both traditionally generated power as well as power generated from renewable sources.

Steven acts for a mix of multinational groups and individual investors and promoters in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Steven has extensive experience of the operational side of the power industry having for many years worked closely with the in house teams of some of his clients on projects as diverse as metering and the processing of data to the management of raw materials and the organisation of partnering arrangements for the maintenance and operation of plant.

Steven’s practice has become focussed towards renewable and sustainable energy production and advising clients on energy efficiency, the trading of Kyoto certificates and projects, the development of new plant for the generation of energy from renewable sources (including solar, wind, and biomass) and the rolling out of new technologies on a residential, commercial, and industrial level.