Additional services

When you become a member of BUCKLESconnect, not only will you become part of an exclusive referral network, but you will also receive access to a variety of additional member benefits:

  • Fee sharing
  • Competitive fee arrangements
  • Cash management for Trustees
  • Discounted genealogical services
  • Cash flow modelling for professional attorneys and deputies
  • Newsletters
  • Free and discounted training
  • Business consultancy support

There is also the option to receive discounted rates on our carefully selected external services. These include:

Asset searches

Reports suggest that there are over £15billion worth of lost savings, pensions and financial investment that remain unclaimed in the UK. By using our specially selected service, it allows members and their Probate team to locate any lost or forgotten financial assets or shares, and be confident that clients have the latest Will in their possession.

Training programmes

The role of the lawyer is changing and technical skills are just the ticket to the game. Therefore, lawyers of the future need strong business development skills, commercial awareness, legal project management awareness and leadership skills. Our insightful seminars and coaching options, delivered by leading organisations, provide members with the tools to be successful in this changing and dynamic profession.

Online marketing

It's not just about having a good looking website; it's about what you do with it once you've got it, and we have a team of trusted partners who can help. As a member, you will receive 50% discount on any internal training run by a team of experienced marketing consultants who have worked in the legal sector for a number of years.

Members can also take advantage of a free website health check. This includes an audit of 100 pages on your website using various testing criteria and identifying five key areas. An overall site score and further details into your online accessibility, marketing, technology and website content will also be provided. Once the report is complete, you will receive a PDF as well as three months access to an online version.

Members will also receive a 5% discount on the overall cost of a new website (through our trusted partner) for those who feel a new approach is warranted.

For more information on any of the additional services mentioned above, please contact a member of BUCKLESconnect on 0330 123 4423 or email