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Neighbour disputes - how to stop a boundary wall becoming a battle line

Paul Davis
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As the old saying goes “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. But experience has shown that battles over land are by no means confined to the English, and nor are they an exclusively male phenomenon!   Few things are more universally...

Rejection of lease renewals in favour of third party redevelopment upheld by Courts

Michael Rabbett
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The recent case of Santander UK PLC v LPS Estates Ltd has upheld a landlord’s right to oppose the renewal of a lease by a tenant if the site is intended for redevelopment by a third party. In this instance, Santander, the tenant of a commercial...

Examination of the test applicable to declaratory relief where threat is not imminent

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In the case heard this summer of San Juan and others v Allen the Defendants had applied for and been granted planning permission to demolish their home and construct four new properties on the site, despite there being a restrictive covenant which...

Break clause drama

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As a property litigator, I like detail and I like tricky cases; it kind of comes with the territory. So, being a fan of complicated break clauses, I was intrigued by the recent case of Levett-Dunn v NHS Property Services Ltd . The facts of the case are...