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Changes to rateable value and the impact on statutory compensation

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The rateable value of a property is assessed by the Valuation Office Agency based on the annual open market rent for the property. The last revaluation took place in 2010 which used 2008 valuations. As we are well aware, the property market has changed...

What rent can the Court order in a business tenancy renewal?

  • Posted

When parties are negotiating the terms of a renewal lease, it may be that they call upon the Court for assistance. Under sections 32 to 35 of the LTA 1954, the Court can decide those terms on which the parties cannot agree, including rent. The Court will be...

Mistakes that mean landlords lose right to break-up

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The ruling in  Vanquish Properties (UK) Limited Partnership v Brook Street (UK) Limited again reminds us how difficult exercising break notices can be. Often case law focuses on errors made by the tenant but this case shows a landlord losing its right...

Assignment from a tenant to its guarantors

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EMI Group Ltd v O&H Ltd is a very recent case decided under the Landlord & Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 ("the Act") by the wonderful (so I think) Lord Neuberger. The basic purpose of the the Act was to ensure that tenants, and their...