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Roger Gurney

Supreme Court ruling stirs lifetime maintenance payment debate

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The debate over the fairness of granting lifetime maintenance payments following divorce is not new. The Supreme Court’s recent decision to grant an appeal against the increasing of such provision, in the case of Mills v Mills 2018, sends the message...

Offshore company assets no longer safe in wealthy divorce

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Wealthy divorcing couples should keep an eye on this case, particularly where offshore companies are involved, after all seven of the Supreme Court judges ruled in favour of the English estranged wife of a Nigerian oil tycoon. Michael and Yasmin Prest, both...

Family mediation encouraged after publication of latest divorce figures

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Separating couples are being urged to use mediation instead of Court proceedings after a list of England and Wales divorce hotspots was recently revealed. The latest statistics published by the Ministry of Justice from October 2011 to September 2012 show...