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Omar Choudhary

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill published

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A new piece of draft legislation promises to establish legal safeguards to protect the human rights of those who lack the capacity to consent to care, treatment and support. On 3 July 2018, the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill 2017-19, designed to amend the...

Court orders DNA test to daughter to prove entitlement to estate

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In the ongoing case of Nield-Moir v Freeman (2018), the Court has ordered a daughter to take a DNA Paternity test to prove her claim to inherit her father’s estate . The case concerns the estate of Colin Birtles who died without making a Will in...

Mistress fights High Court legal battle over 2.5 million pound estate

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In 2018, the mistress of the late Indian businessman, Baldev Kohli, entered into a court battle with her lover’s widow after their child was left out of his £2.5million Will. Melissa Proles, a HR executive, began a relationship with Mr Kohli,...