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Martin Herson

Annual NHS charges rise to £195m for successful PI claimants

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New figures, detailing increases to fixed amount charges on accident victims who make legitimate Personal Injury claims, help to explode the myth that they are a drain on NHS resources. The rates, which are due to rise by an average of 1.5 % on 1 st April,...

Cycling in the news

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We are all encouraged to get fitter these days and cycling has grown massively whether commuting to and from work or purely for pleasure. However, you may have recently seen footage circulating in the media of a cyclist riding perfectly sensibly on a...

Snow and ice liability

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After the first flurry of snow falls, home and business owners are often faced with the difficult decision on whether it is safe to clear snow and ice from outside the front of a property. This annual dilemma often finds its way into the media given the...