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Volunteer Directors of not for profit community company held personally liable for VAT losses

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The High Court ruling in Situl Devji Raithatha (as liquidator of Halal Monitoring Committee Limited) and Mira Nazeer Ahmed Baig and others 2017 underlines the duties incumbent upon Directors and their responsibility to grasp an understanding of them,...

Debt collection: How can you protect your business?

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Disputes between businesses and customers are common. If you cannot agree a settlement, your business may be called to the Small Claims Court or a higher court. If the judge rules against you, and your ex-customer is awarded their money back or receives...

Doing business abroad? UK bribery legislation claims its first scalp for overseas payments

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A printing company based in Eastbourne has had two employees sentenced to prison terms following an SFO investigation into bribes paid in return for the award of contracts to the company. The chairman and sale director were sentenced to 18 months' and...

The economic sun is shining again - but tread carefully

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The time when an economy starts to pick up is often the time of greatest risk for many businesses. Increased trading places can put pressure on cash flow, coupled with the rise in interest rates that now seem inevitable sooner rather than later. Directors...

FAQ: So what interest can I charge for late payment?

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We seem to live in an age of late payment. Perhaps it shouldn’t be this way, but it seems to be the norm and after all what can be done to encourage prompt payment from that valuable client whose business you want to retain? If I have to sue for the...

Best endeavours, dont be daft

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Many people will have come across the phrases “best endeavours” and “reasonable endeavours” in their business lives, and will have their own views as to what each means. If you have never heard of the phrases before, essentially...