Planning and Environment for individuals

As a homeowner, your property and the surrounding area will naturally be very important to you. Whether you are seeking to develop a property or have concerns that a public or private development project will have an impact on your home, our specialist team can help.

In addition to the information you can find here, we recognise that there are several aspects of planning law that apply to both individuals and businesses. For further information on any of the following planning issues, please visit our Planning for Businesses page:

  • Applying for or objecting to planning applications
  • Amending planning permission (S96A and s73 Applications
  • Planning Appeals
  • Judicial review of planning decisions
  • Advising on enforcement and appeals
  • Community Infrastructure Levy and S106 Agreements
  • S278 and S38 Highways Agreements
  • Conservation Area and Listed Building issues
  • Highway Stopping Up or Diversion Orders

Planning law can be very technical and detailed. We can help you cut through the jargon and guide you through processes involved in planning applications, appeals, and all other aspects of the Town and Country Planning system.

If you seek further information or advice, please call us on 01733 888888.