Long term sickness issues

If, as an employee, you are off work due to illness for more than seven days, you are required to provide proof from your doctor to your employer. Self-certification is permitted for periods of illness lasting less than seven days.

Your employer should not consider dismissing you in relation to long-term sickness unless they have considered if you can return to work, either under a flexible or part-time arrangement or by undertaking less stressful tasks. Your employer should also consult with you about when you are likely to be able to return to work before considering dismissal. Contact should not be intrusive and, whilst care must be taken by your employer to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, you can come to an arrangement about the regularity of contact and the form this will take.  Your employer is also likely to want to obtain a report from a medical expert on your condition before taking any decisions about your future employment.

If you are dismissed under such circumstances, you may have claims for unfair dismissal and/or disability discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 and you should speak to a member of our employment team.