Rail – Infrastructure and Technology

As the UK Government announces the end of 25 years of rail privatisation in the UK, it’s never been more important for the Rail Design and Engineering sector to refocus its efforts in work-winning and strategic planning.

Accounting for a turnover of £7billion and 80,000 jobs, the UK Rail supply chain makes a significant contribution to the economy. Indeed, it’s gaining in strength with new suppliers emerging, both domestically and internationally, to provide a valuable service to the UK network.

In recent years, the Rail industry has achieved the longest sustained growth in its history, generated by strong performance and an emphasis on rail improvements and innovation. In turn, this paves the way for development schemes to come to fruition.

We recognise the appetite for innovation and development of the UK Railways, thereby driving better performance, lower cost and improved safety. Despite long-held perceptions of the rail industry as being conservative, it has, in fact, always been at the cutting edge of innovation and long may this continue.

So how do we fit in?  Our strong performing legal team of leading Construction and Engineering lawyers is well-regarded across the sector and our Rail Team has unsurpassed in-house experience. We are ready to assist you with contract procurement and legal risk analysis, contract implementation advice, and dispute management and resolution in addition to corporate, employment and property ancillary services.

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