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Lasting Power of Attorney

When we plan for the future, we must face up to the possibility of future events which may be unwelcome. This includes the possibility of becoming unable to make decisions for ourselves due to physical or mental incapacity, whether brought on by an accident, illness or old age.
A Lasting Power of Attorney can help in these situations - but also in other circumstances such as being abroad for a lengthy period of time - by giving someone else (the Attorney) the authority to make decisions on your behalf.
The two different types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) are:
  • Property and Financial Affairs LPA. This gives your Attorney the authority to make decisions about the management of your property and financial affairs
  • Health and Welfare LPA. This gives your Attorney the authority to make decisions about your personal healthcare and welfare, to include consenting to or refusing life-sustaining treatment

For the detail on making an LPA, please see our Lasting Power of Attorney guide. If you are already acting for someone as their Attorney, please see our Guide for Attorneys.

In the event that an LPA is not possible, for example the person concerned has already lost mental capacity, then authority can be granted to a 'Deputy' by way of an application to the Court of Protection. We have specialists who can assist you with this, for more information please see our Becoming a Court Appointed Deputy guide.

You may also wish to consider how you can protect your assets from Care Home Fees.

To make a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney, you can choose from the following:

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