Renters’ Reform Bill and Section 21

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The Queen’s Speech, delivered on 19 December 2019, confirmed that a Renters’ Reform Bill will be tabled in the new parliamentary session. Its provision will include the ending of Section 21 “no ground” possession procedure.

This won’t be an easy process and will not happen overnight. The Bill should give landlords more rights to gain possession of their property through the Court where there is legitimate need for them to do so. The measures will establish new grounds of possession for Housing Act 1988 tenancies and hopefully address all the regulatory breaches that we have recently seen which means that Section 21 notices are invalid.

The Government has also said that it will work to improve the Court process for landlords, making it quicker and easier for them to get their properties back. This could involve the implementation of a specialist Housing Court that has previously been discussed.

The Bill is also likely to introduce a new lifetime deposit so that tenants will not have to save for a new deposit every time they move house. Details of how this will work in practice are not yet available and it’s likely that we will experience an ever-changing landscape in the weeks and months ahead. With that in mind, we would urge you to keep your eyes open for any consultations.