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Asbestos-related diseases can vary in severity from non-malignant disorders such as asbestosis to malignant Mesothelioma, an aggressive lung cancer which has a prognosis of just one to two years. These conditions are almost exclusively linked to asbestos exposure which, for many individuals, will have been contracted through the course of past or present work. We understand all the legal difficulties for someone with this debilitating disease and can help with getting access much-needed compensation. Martin Herson recently acted for a 66 year old former electrician who contracted Mesothelioma from his employment with Regional Electricity Board in the 1960s. Given a limited life expectancy, Martin obtained an early settlement in the sum of £180,000 within 7 months of the client coming to see us. This compensation helped give the him some financial stability and the funds to fulfil some of his final wishes.