Cycling in the news

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We are all encouraged to get fitter these days and cycling has grown massively whether commuting to and from work or purely for pleasure.

However, you may have recently seen footage circulating in the media  of a cyclist riding perfectly sensibly on a roundabout only to get deliberately shunted from behind by a car, causing the rider to fall off and sustain a serious injury. Despite a police investigation, no prosecution has progressed as it was not possible to prove with certainty who was driving, even though the registration plate was visible.

In this case, it should not prevent a personal injury claim from progressing, as it would still be possible to trace the insurers for the identified car, even if the driver was unknown. However, what if the car cannot be identified?

I currently have a claim progressing where the cyclist was clipped by a wing mirror of an over-taking car who simply got too close. The car drove off and cannot be traced.

This does not, however, mean an end to the matter. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) compensates victims who sustain injury at the hands of uninsured or untraced drivers. It is not a straightforward claim and therefore care is needed and legal representation is recommended.

Sadly cycle incidents are becoming more common than ever as more people are getting on two wheels. If you or a family member are involved in any accident that causes you injury, please contact us on 01733 888888 or email me directly at