Annual NHS charges rise to £195m for successful PI claimants

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New figures, detailing increases to fixed amount charges on accident victims who make legitimate Personal Injury claims, help to explode the myth that they are a drain on NHS resources.

The rates, which are due to rise by an average of 1.5 % on 1st April, will bolster NHS income by the significant sum of £194.88m per year, an estimated increase of £2.88 million from the previous total of £192m. The tariffs cover NHS ambulance services, treatment and impatient stay.

Amendments to existing regulations will apply to individuals who sustain injuries after 1st April 2018 and subsequently make a successful claim for compensation.

Details of the changes are as follows:

  • NHS ambulance services – charge increases to £208 (from £205)
  • NHS treatment (no admittance) – charge increases to £688 (from £678)
  • NHS treatment (in-patient) – daily charge increases to £846 (from £833)

The maximum charge in respect of an injury will increase to £50,561 (from £49,824).