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Kate Sibley Professional Counselling Services

Kate has been a qualified counsellor for almost 20 years and is committed to supporting clients to manage a wide range of emotional issues such as relationship difficulties, family issues, divorce/separation and parenting. Kate also works with addiction, bereavement and anxiety.

Kate is qualified as a life and performance coach and she uses her broad range of experience to offer a safe, confidential, caring but objective and supportive environment for clients to gain their own insight, understanding and improved emotional wellbeing. She works with individuals or couples and families and her aim is to enable clients to work out their own strategies to reduce conflict or to better manage their emotional or sensitive situations.

Kate also works as a family consultant.

The family consultant (usually a person educated to degree level and having a professional qualification such as Counselling/Psychology or other similar discipline) is very supportive of the whole collaboration and mediation process as it can allow clients a non-judgemental opportunity to explore and adjust to new roles, test out areas of misunderstanding or potential conflict and free up communication. It can also help with concerns that some couples may have regarding practical issues and can offer an opportunity to work out and maintain positive co-parenting relationships for the future. This may also prove to be more cost effective in the longer term as it will normally leave the lawyers to concentrate on the legal aspects of the process.

Breathing Space

At Breathing Space, we provide compassionate emotional support during and after the breakdown of a relationship, helping to support you and your teenage children during this time of change. It can be a turbulent time as everyone adjusts to the new reality, and having a safe non-judgemental in which you can speak openly can be hugely beneficial. We help to provide some balance and stability enabling you to make thoughtful and focused decisions during the legal or mediation process.

Prior to this role, Sara worked as a Family and Child Solicitor for many years. She has considerable experience in helping people through the process and understands and roles of the lawyer and the courts in dealing with the legal aspect of the breakdown of a relationship.

We help you to move through your relationship breakdown, enabling you to positively continue your life journey happier and brighter as you come out the other side.

If you feel that you or your teenage children would benefit from some emotional support, then do contact:

Sara Collins

Tel: 07808 955060