Sarah Westwood

Head of Estate Administration, Partner

I am the Head of our Estate Administration team and based in our Stamford office. I have 12 years’ experience of handling probate cases, a considerable proportion of which are taxable cases with quirky elements. As I also deal with lifetime planning cases, around a quarter of my cases are probate cases.

I generally specialise matters concerning Wills, tax planning, care home fees, and Powers of Attorney.

I speak fluent German, having spent a year studying law at Trier University. I trained at one of the leading Kent firms and have an established reputation throughout the Lincolnshire area.

Away from work I love spending time with my family – the older my boys get, the more I realise that you just don’t get the time back! I also enjoy shopping with friends, ideally including a glass of wine! I wish I could write that I love some form of exercise, but I seem to do anything I can to avoid it!