The View of Brexit from 3 Nations

From across the UK, France and Italy the Buckles-CastaldiPartners Alliance provides a unique view of the impact of Brexit and offers insightful debate and practical solutions for your business.

Although it will take some time for the UK to disentagle from the EU, there are steps you can take now to prepare for change which will protect your business and ensure you enter the new political landscape in the strongest possible position.

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About the Alliance

The Buckles-CastaldiPartners alliance provides seamless pan-European legal solutions to businesses and individuals.

Our combined team of over 100 legal experts includes many multi-lingual lawyers qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions.



Latest News

Florence - the EU's response

Fleetingly, as the dust began to settle on Theresa May’s Florence speech , it appeared that its intended outcome of breaking the Brexit negotiation logjam might have been achieved. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, greeted the speech...

2021 vision - PM's Florence speech focuses on Brexit transition

On Friday, Theresa May delivered her much-anticipated speech in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, hoping that her words would trigger the rebirth of positive Brexit negotiations and persuade the EU to begin trade deal talks in October. With...

Will the UK become a tax haven after Brexit?

Back in January last year, Chancellor Philip Hammond hinted that the UK would do ‘whatever we have to do’ to ensure the UK’s economic prosperity after Brexit – including making the country more attractive to investors as a ‘tax...

Brexitwatch - L'emergence d'une future resolution des conflits?

La publication d'une série de documents d’orientation sur le Brexit, à la fin du mois d'août, comprenait un axe sur la résolution des conflits et l'application de la loi. Un point débattu et important...

Brexitwatch - Sta emergendo la nascita di un modello comune per la risoluzione delle controversie?

Tra i documenti di sintesi sulla Brexit che sono stati pubblicati a fine Agosto ve ne uno in materia di risoluzione delle controversie ed esecuzione delle decisioni. Tra i punti nevralgici che vengono trattati vi è la spinosa questione della Corte di...

Brexit - Where are we now?

The summer holidays gave everyone a chance to get away and forget about Brexit for a while…unless your name is David Davis or Michel Barnier. So, here’s a quick recap on what has been going on whilst you were on the beach and a heads up for the...

Brexitwatch - Is a blueprint for future dispute resolution emerging?

The release of a clutch of Brexit position papers at the end of August included one focused on dispute resolution and enforcement. A key point of contention that it addressed was the thorny issue of the European Court of Justice and its continued...

Latest Brexit policy papers focus on cross-border dispute resolution and the ECJ

The recent flow of Brexit policy papers issued by the UK government has continued apace with the release of documents related to the settlement of cross-border disputes and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) which presides over disputes involving EU law.

Can delegated powers ensure the safe passage of the Repeal Bill through Parliament?

The Repeal Bill, designed to convert EU law into UK law, is due to be presented to parliament on 7th September. Due to time constraints and the volume of legislation involved, the government intends to use delegated powers to allow ministers to modify some of the EU laws without consulting parliament. This article examines the challenges they may face.

UK unveils post-Brexit custom proposals

The UK has unveiled its proposals for post-Brexit customs arrangements with the EU. By setting out its preferred options, the government hopes to reassure businesses that economic disruption will be minimised. But how will the EU respond?

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