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From across the UK, France and Italy the Buckles-CastaldiPartners Alliance provides a unique view of the impact of Brexit and offers insightful debate and practical solutions for your business.

Although it will take some time for the UK to disentagle from the EU, there are steps you can take now to prepare for change which will protect your business and ensure you enter the new political landscape in the strongest possible position.


About the Alliance

The Buckles-CastaldiPartners alliance provides seamless pan-European legal solutions to businesses and individuals.

Our combined team of over 100 legal experts includes many multi-lingual lawyers qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions.



Latest News

UK unveils post-Brexit custom proposals

The UK has unveiled its proposals for post-Brexit customs arrangements with the EU. By setting out its preferred options, the government hopes to reassure businesses that economic disruption will be minimised. But how will the EU respond?

Divorce may be expensive but is there an alternative?

An overview of the background to Brexit financial settlement negotiations that began in Brussels in July 2017.

Brexit - What does the future hold for the European Court of Justice and the UK?

Following the unexpected outcome of the June General Election, there have been calls from some commentators for Teresa May to soften the ‘hard’ Brexit stance that she had adopted during the campaign. However, the jurisdiction of the European...

Brexit process is far from 'settled'

Lately it seems that every week is a big week for Brexit. The following seven days are likely to be no exception. On Thursday, the Repeal Bill - the key legislative component allowing EU laws to be transferred into British law – will be unveiled....

Il diritto europeo continuera a determinare cio che succede nelle corti britanniche, dice David Davis

David Davis, il segretario della Brexit, ha ammesso che la legislazione Europea continuerà a determinare le decisioni prese dalle corte britanniche dopo la Brexit. Parlando alla House of Commons dopo aver azionato l’articolo 50, Mr. Davis ha...

Le droit de l'Union Europeenne continuera a affecterce qu'il se passe dans les cours britanniques, a declare David Davis

David Davis, secrétaire du Brexit, a admis que la législation de l’Union Européenne continuera àaffecter les décisions prises dans les cours britanniques après le Brexit. S’exprimant devant la House of...

EU laws will still affect what happens in UK courts, says David Davis

Brexit secretary David Davis has admitted that EU legislation will continue to affect the decisions taken in British courts beyond the date of Brexit. Speaking in the House of Commons after the triggering of Article 50 Mr Davis said that, to ensure...

Le Brexit n'est pas le seul probleme, l'avertissement des dirigeants d'entreprises

Les dirigeants d’entreprise britanniques ont mis en garde le Gouvernement de ne pas perdre de vue ses autres responsabilités étant donné que les négociations du Brexit commencent ce mois-ci et ils observeront, sans aucun...

Brexit non e il solo problema, ammoniscono i dirigenti d'impresa

I dirigenti d’impresa britannici hanno ammonito il governo a non perdere di vista le loro altre responsabilità poiché iniziano questo mese le negoziazioni della Brexit che osserveranno rigorosamente le misure descritte nel discorso della...

Brexit is not the only issue, business leaders warn

UK business leaders have warned the Government not to lose sight of its other responsibilities as Brexit negotiations began in June – and will undoubtedly be closely watching measures outlined in the Queen’s Speech.   In a statement...
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